Become a Volunteer in Surrey

Volunteering is a rewarding experience and there are many ways you can help the local community by contributing and helping people and families throughout Surrey who are less fortunate than yourself, also voluntary work has that feel good factor and lots of personal satisfaction.Its people like you who get the show on the road, who make a difference in the community and with the number of people who are Volunteering is on the increase right now. Volunteer today simply call us on 0208 942 5500 today!

There are many in groups in Surrey today actually thousands of groups who you can volunteer to help right now and all are appreciated. Groups such as church groups, sports clubs, meals on wheels, faith groups and many more who are real heroes with the unpaid work they carry out and contribute to our society every single day. All these local volunteers do make a difference!


Volunteering could be merely classed as just “unpaid work” in Surrey but that is too limited a description, there are many of us who just like to help to make a difference to other people lives and that is the real meaning of a volunteer as many people will tell you.Volunteering changes lives and makes Surrey a better place to live in for us all.

At KCF, there are lots of volunteering opportunities including financial management, furniture recovery, deliveries, collections and so much more. We have the work if you can spare some time!